One Blanket at a Time



I have taken my love of crocheting to a new level.  That does not mean that I am creating fantastic items, it just means that I have decided to crochet baby blankets and give them to the less fortunate. 

Once I had retired from my office position, I had more time to work on my hobbies, of which one is crocheting.  Well, I started crocheting and continued crocheting.  Soon I started to have a stockpile of baby blankets made up and I only had so many that I needed for friends.   My mother-in-law commented that she was making baby bonnets and pneumonia vests for our church group.  She said they could use baby blankets.  Well I was definitely up for that, so I gave her 4 of the blankets that I had crocheted up.  Next thing, I get a call from the lady organizing this campaign and said how much they appreciated the blankets, but could I make them smaller – I was making them too  large.  So I said that was no problem at all.   In fact, I love making the smaller size, as I can make more and they are much quicker to complete.

Our local group also makes diapers, which, along with the blankets and other items, are packaged into kits and then fowarded to the warehouse in Mississauga.  The organization we donate to is called Canadian Food for Children.  They have a very large wish list of items that are needed to go the Third World Countries.


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