It’s A Boy – How Great Is That!!

I have not posted in the last two weeks, as it has been a busy, busy time.  Now that I am working full-time again with somewhat of a commute, I do not have as much time to spend on my crafting and my blog.  But the best reason I can give you for not blogging is the birth of Carter.  Our son, Randy, and our daughter-in-law, Stef, were expecting the birth of their first child on January 1, 2010.  However, little Carter decided he didn’t want to wait that long.  He let his mommy finish her last day of teaching before the Christmas break, and decided on Friday night that she had had enough time to rest from teaching and that it was time to make his arrival in this world.  Stef started having contractions and they made their way to the hospital and about 11 hours later, Carter arrived.   We are thrilled with our first grandchild – as you can see above Grandpa is having his one on one time.


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